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Capture, trace, verify, transmit and process media files instantly & securely

There are many reasons why our customers choose eviid. Sometimes it’s simply about the hassle-free handling of videos; sometimes it’s about creating media files that are verifiable and stand up in court; sometimes it’s about secure live and recorded streaming capability; sometimes it’s about data protection and containment.

Whatever it is you are looking for in a video solution, there are several good reasons to choose eviid over other offerings. Here are a few.

Patented evidential technology

At the very heart of eviid sits its patented evidential technology, a unique way of ensuring that video is verifiable and traceable.

This may be to ensure it is accepted as evidence in court or in disputes, to prevent fraud, or simply to make sure large volumes of files can be searched and organized – without having to manually add file names or tags that can be easily manipulated, mistyped or accidentally changed. It also facilitates the automated management of files – for example, filing or assigning them to related documents on the basis of, say, a case number.

Ready to deploy

eviid is instantly ready to deploy and comes with a whole raft of building blocks to create the system you need. Storage and central user interface are cloud-based, and all eviid apps work on standard smartphones and tablets.

Several versions of the eviid app are readily available, for B2B and B2C applications, and can be branded and further adapted to suit specific needs.

eviid supports and is compatible with existing workflows and third-party devices, offering many opportunities for automation. If needed, app users can access forms and checklists to streamline the recording process, while desktop viewers can use templates for file review and management.

Open, scalable, agnostic

eviid was designed to be compatible with existing systems and devices and can be extended and developed further. Open APIs ensure your team or third-party developers can plug eviid into whichever other system or software they need it to integrate with.

Because the eviid system is cloud-based, it can easily be scaled up or down to suit requirements and to cope with usage peaks.

The evidential technology itself can theoretically be used in any type of digital recording device, including sensors, smart home technology, and drones or dash cams (note this will require co-operation with the device manufacturer).

The system we have built is light yet mighty. Our customers use it in vastly different ways, depending which of its characteristics and capabilities they are using it for. In our experience, customers start using eviid for one thing and then quickly discover all the other boxes it ticks. – Phil Davies, CTO

Tried & tested evidential video technology

Evolved within tough, risk-conscious environments

eviid consists of a simple core idea (using video to document things) and the translation of this idea into a system that works flawlessly, without any of the pitfalls organisations typically encounter when trying to handle video. Our ambition from the outset was to make eviid work in B2B contexts.

That’s why, ahead of its full launch in 2016, eviid underwent an extended pilot phase in highly demanding commercial environments, to cover a broad range of use cases and develop robust building blocks for a myriad of solutions.

The result: a solution that is tried and tested and anticipates the issues businesses and other organisations may have when incorporating video in their workflows.

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