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How do you ensure the integrity of your information?

Used by risk conscious organisations, Eviid ensures the authenticity and security of vital information, particularly crucial in sectors such as finance, insurance, law, construction, and utilities.

Empowering your business to capture, evidence, transform and manage information. Eviid’s functionality supports organisations in operating more efficiently, cost effectively and compliantly, providing peace of mind for the integrity of stakeholder information.


Efficient and streamlined business processes.


Trust the integrity of your information.


Seamless and efficient business processes.


Establishing confidence and peace of mind.

Benefits of Eviid

Discover the transformative benefits of Eviid for your enterprise workflow. With our flexible media capture capabilities, you can effortlessly capture any media, in any format, from anywhere, ensuring seamless integration into your existing processes. Whether it’s photos, videos, or documents, Eviid empowers you to streamline data collection with ease.

Eviid goes beyond mere capture, offering patented technology that guarantees evidential integrity. Our solutions verify events, providing tamper-proof evidence that you can trust. Say goodbye to doubts or uncertainties – with Eviid’s trademarked technology, you can make decisions confidently, backed by authentic and secure data.

Furthermore, Eviid prioritises efficiency and security. Benefit from compression capabilities that minimise storage costs without compromising quality, while our compliance-ready solutions ensure adherence to ISO27001, GDPR, and CCPA standards. Experience frictionless workflows, real-time anomaly detection, and enhanced transparency, all designed to optimise your operations and safeguard your enterprise effectively.

Eviid revolutionises the standard for media and information management in enterprise workflow.

  • Flexible media capture. Capture any media, any format, anywhere, ensuring seamless integration into enterprise workflows.

  • Evidential integrity. Patented technology verifies events, guaranteeing tamper-proof evidence for ultimate trust and reliability.

  • Efficient storage. Compression capabilities minimise storage costs while maintaining quality and accessibility.

  • Anomaly detection. Real-time detection of irregularities prevents fraud or false information, safeguarding enterprise operations effectively.

  • Frictionless workflow. End-to-end management streamlines processes, enhancing productivity.

  • Transparency and accountability: Full chain of custody ensures clarity and peace of mind, helping informed decision-making.

  • Compliance and security: ISO27001, GDPR and CCPA compliant, with advanced security features guaranteeing data protection and confidentiality.