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What is Eviid?2024-05-16T12:12:04+01:00

Eviid is an innovative media and evidence management software solution. Eviid’s technology assists organisations to capture, evidence, analyse and manage media assets for improved operations, compliance, and analytics.

What services does Eviid provide?2024-05-16T12:17:47+01:00
Eviid is a flexible media management platform, revolutionising the documentation and security of evidential materials. The central capabilities of Eviid are as follows:
  • Captures media in any format
  • Verifies events captured
  • Securely stores information
  • Trademarked, evidential chain of custody
  • End-to-end frictionless workflow
  • Applicable across all industries.
What are the benefits of using Eviid?2024-05-16T12:17:55+01:00

Eviid provides a flexible and secure media management solution to help organisations capture evidence, streamline workflows, ensure compliance, and improve collaboration.

How do I sign up for Eviid?2024-05-16T12:18:01+01:00

Please email contact@eviid.com with your enquiry. One of our representatives will be happy to take you through a brief introduction to the system and set you up with a free trial.

How can I contact Eviid for support?2024-05-21T14:51:34+01:00

As one of our clients, you will have a dedicated Account Team for which you will benefit from consistent Customer Care support. In the case of any technical emergencies, please raise a  support ticket and our Security Operations Centre will assist you. Our team will endeavour to respond swiftly. Depending on the nature of the issue, our average response time is within the hour.

In addition to providing a dedicated helpline number, 0333 800 2888 our applications provide methods for reporting issues, especially useful from within the mobile apps, or our customers can simply report new issues or update existing issues be emailing our support system using the email address, support@eviid.com, which will automatically update our Eviid helpdesk management system.

Is Eviid secure?2024-05-16T12:20:15+01:00

Eviid’s security is of paramount importance, given the nature of our work. As such, we have all requisite security measures in place. Please look to our security page for information on our security policy.

  • Eviid products and infrastructure have many security layers threaded throughout. Best practice had been adopted and Eviid is proud to boast ISO/IEC 27001 registration and  compliance, backed up by regular external penetration testing. Not only do our customers enjoy the security provided by our systems use of Azure infrastructure, but the product and  the database are designed from the bottom up with security in mind.
  • Best practice has been applied to our product design with just some of the following showing our commitment to security: application web servers and database, servers are separated,  media files are all encrypted, all key data is also encrypted both at rest and in-transit, all keys, passwords and the like, with strong authentication being used throughout. All sensitive  data is fully audited through its life cycle and amendment and in some cases viewing. Development, testing, UAT and production systems and database are totally segregated. All database roles are strictly managed and monitored. With strict user management ensuring privileges are continuously reviewed and revoked, with only just in time access granted to  production environments. Databases and the operating systems on which they run are kept fully patched and Azure Advanced threat protection deployed for all systems. Best practice  is used for all physical/systems access, with the principle of least privilege deployed as well as mandatory use of strong password policies, Encryption stored password hashes, automatic account locking after several login attempts, tight and audited controls of employee roles/access. Internal and independent security tests are conducted at regular intervals together with comprehensive partition and directory/file security used for data not located in the database. All data is backed up to secure locations and where customer require,  synchronised across datacentres to provide real time resilience.
What industries does Eviid serve?2024-05-21T14:59:14+01:00

For innovative organisations looking to embrace the documentation and security of evidential materials, Eviid captures media in any format, verifies events captured and stores information provided in an evidential chain of custody allowing end-to-end frictionless enterprise workflow.

Eviid is game changing for verifying evidence, organising media capture and client dedication, appropriate for use across all industry verticals.

In particular, Eviid supports risk conscious industries and therefore has great significance across insurance, utilities, social housing, legal and professional services, and media.

Eviid provides a way to capture, evidence, transform and manage enterprise processes through the compliant handling of videos, audio, photos, and documents.

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