Tampering with digital evidence. It sounds serious, and of course, it is – especially if that digital evidence forms the basis of insurance claims or vehicle fleet inspections for instance. The cost and the propensity for fraud is enormous. But not all evidence is tampered with deliberately, some is changed unwittingly and often by your own employees, or simply by not following the correct processes or saving digital media securely.


When video or photos are captured for use in high-risk industries, there is the ability to send evidence that is simply fraudulent. A photo of a photo, or a video that’s been found somewhere online. Equally, when employees don’t follow the processes and save media into systems or in file formats that can then be changed or tampered with, the results are the same. So, is there a way to make those changes trackable – and preferably, not hackable?


Working with Eviid, insurance companies, intermediaries and fleet management companies have been able to introduce a verified video element to their workflows. Through the capture, verification, upload and storage of video and photos within Eviid – video and photo content are timestamped both on the device and on the server, so they can be sure that what is evidenced in their workflow is real. Eviid records a ledger of all data which is entirely trackable and adheres to international time stamp regulations RFC3161.

If an authorised user – an employee – wishes to view the data in the future, Eviid authenticates the data status, so the risk of accidental changes is eliminated (or at least can easily be seen/traced) offering certainty that the data is as it was recorded at the outset.

Risk of fraud is greatly reduced, and the enterprise workflow allows an efficient workflow cycle removing any speculation around data corruption, providing users with a trustworthy validation technology.

In a world where digital communication is driving the way we work and digital media is increasing exponentially the importance of trusting what we see is vital. The use of media is growing across all sectors – manufacturing and food production, healthcare, insurance – and being embedded in increasing parts of daily life – dashcams, drones, TV’s and even doorbells. Eviid’s technology delivers certainty that digital media it’s digitally accurate and any changes can be tracked, not hacked.

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