We can all agree that the utility industry is already heavily penalised for the overrunning of street works. Due to plans outlined by the UK government, fines are soon set to rise further, which means utility companies are looking for new ways to reduce the cost of overrun projects.

Currently, fines are only imposed for disruptions on working days; however, ministers want to extend the £10,000 per day fine into the weekend and bank holidays to reduce road disruptions at busy times. Proposals have been put forward to double these fines for companies who breach job conditions (e.g. working without a permit), from £500 up to a maximum of £1,000 per day.

The plans bring relief to the public, promising a reduction in road congestion and minimising disruptions to journeys. Significantly, 50% of the fines collected will be allocated towards improving roads and repairing potholes.

While increased fines and stricter regulations bring benefits to the public, they also present drawbacks for utility companies themselves:

· Financial Impact: Increased fines and penalties impact the financial performance. This burden reduces profitability and cash flow, especially if incurred frequently or for significant amounts.

· Damaged Reputation: Repeated fines for street works that overrun and breach contracts damage reputations. Negative publicity leads to a loss of customer loyalty and stakeholder trust, affecting brand image and market competitiveness.

· Legal Risks: Failure to follow regulations can place companies at risk of legal consequences which include lawsuits, regulatory penalties and litigation expenses. Not only are legal proceedings costly but also time-consuming, diverting attention from business operations.

· False Claims: Companies may receive fines that are unjustified as the fines may be disproportionate to the actual impact of street works. It may be argued that factors beyond the company’s control, such as unexpected weather conditions, can contribute to a breach of conditions.

In a regulatory environment where fines are ever more severe, Eviid provides a tool for companies striving to preserve efficiency, mitigate operational costs and take accountability. It presents a new chapter for indisputable evidence, admissible in court.

· Capture Any Media, Anytime.

Utility companies can now verify, with concrete proof, that all projects are completed within the contracted timeframe, reducing the risk of incurred fines. Eviid excels in effortlessly capturing various media types such as photos, videos, and live calls, guaranteeing a dispute-proof audit trail of works carried out.

· Seamless Collaboration.

The implementation of Eviid’s technology allows users to request upload links through SMS and email, speeding up the documentation process and facilitating easy submission of files.

· Trust the Chain of Custody.

In situations where claims are disputed, Eviid’s technology establishes an unbroken chain of custody via patented metadata extraction methods. Photos and videos captured on smart devices are transformed into reliable, verifiable evidence, suitable for use in court proceedings, claims management, and compliance cases. This proves invaluable in scenarios such as false claims, saving cost and time.

Eviid provides a tool that empowers street work teams with evidence-backed quality and confidence. Taking real-time data and media and using it in informed decision-making. It gives peace of peace of mind that resource allocations are optimised and operations streamlined, addressing issues before escalation and before costs are incurred.

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