Our world is awash with photos and videos taken on a dizzying array of devices – everything from a smartphone through to dashcams, drones, doorbells and CCTV cameras.


But how do we know if a photo or video used in an insurance claim for example, is real and hasn’t been tampered with? Images can be easily altered – the metadata changed, photoshopped, a video clip shortened or stolen from another online source – all to suit a cause.

At a time when digital communication is driving the way we work, the importance of trusting what we see is vital for many businesses and industries – especially those high risk industries open to fraud. The importance of certifying the media from source so that it can be trusted is growing in importance as the digital world evolves at pace, especially for businesses that embed footage into their enterprise workflow.

Eviid provides the peace of mind that most organisations require to provide their customers with the service they demand as well as stamping out the possibilities of fraud on a wide scale. Eviid’s evidencing engine is based upon three core components – pre-capture, capture and verification of the media and post capture management. Core to this is Eviid’s patented technology, which uniquely verifies the capture of the event or asset by using algorithm-based technology to verify the media is created by the device in question. Furthermore, any attempt to tamper with the data will lead to notifications and is therefore tamper evident.

The end-to-end evidencing technology delivers 100% certainty that legacy data is accurate and can be fully integrated into any workflow and enterprise operating system. At post capture Eviid uniquely ensures videos and images stored are GDPR compliant, ransomware safe and that data archiving and retrieval of media, is managed cost effectively. Furthermore, for post capture Eviid provides an evidential editing tool to verify and track changes to any media. Only Eviid’s unique combined approach provides a defendable media provenance position. Advanced Media Security (AMS) also provides a secure end-to-end evidencing workflow such that the live data is replicated and stored in several locations.

Through the capture, verification, upload and storage of video and photos within the Eviid media platform – video and photo content are certified. The risk of fraud is reduced, and the enterprise workflow allows an efficient claims cycle – a win for everyone.

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