The impact of Eviid’s self-reporting video technology for tenants and landlords.

Eviid’s remote video capture technology has been a game-changer for social housing repair managers, allowing them to quickly assess repair needs in both vacant and occupied properties. Using a standard smartphone, high-resolution video footage can be instantly uploaded to a secure cloud-based platform, streamlining communication between maintenance teams, housing officers, and other personnel.
This innovation has led to significant benefits:

  1. Responsive repair managers can reduce call-outs, void managers can expedite turnover times for empty units, and general maintenance requests from tenants can be addressed promptly.
  2. Lettings managers have access to accurate, tamper-proof, and traceable pre- and post-repair data, providing reassurance.
  3. Tenants can now conduct virtual home inspections themselves, documenting urgent repair needs digitally.
  4. Residents can report on communal area conditions, damage to building infrastructure, and public realm tidiness, relieving pressure on maintenance teams.
  5. Landlords are exploring how Eviid’s technology can support elderly and less able tenants, especially regarding adaptations and accessibility.
  6. The platform facilitates live interviews with tenants on personal issues like finances, wellbeing, and incidents of anti-social behaviour or disputes, with recordings securely stored and shareable only with authorized parties.

Eviid’s impact extends beyond property repair management, offering broader social and economic benefits. While some in the sector have turned to free video conferencing apps and messaging software for tenant engagement, these platforms lack the robustness, security, and GDPR compliance necessary for long-term self-service customer culture adoption. Eviid provides a comprehensive solution for housing associations seeking efficient, secure, and compliant self-reporting technology.

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