Start as you mean to go on. What do we mean by that? Well, for motor insurers the beginning of any claims process is capturing evidence to establish First Notification of Loss (FNoL) as quickly and as accurately as possible. Getting this part right often dictates the speed, accuracy, and success of the claim process from there, and in turn, the cost to the insurer of handling that claim.

For insurers, reducing the lifecycle of a claim can help to drive down costs whilst also improving their service to the customer. It’s also the case that improving efficiencies in the claims process will protect margins whilst compressing the FNoL process into days instead of months – keeping customers happy too. Having a transformative way to deliver the components required in the claims process in a fast, efficient, safe, and user-friendly manner drives down the cost of each claim and offers an evidential, seamless, and secure enterprise workflow.

Curating the information required to service each claim must ensure that evidence in whatever format – video, pictures, dashcam footage, witness statements or complex forms within the process can be captured in one central repository. The source can be verified, a complete audit process maintained delivering confidence at board level that claims are based on sound information and any fraudulent activity is flagged and managed – reducing costs further.

From the customer’s perspective, the ability to deliver evidence for their claim simply through apps and browser-based links which is captured in the central repository is also a huge benefit and helps with customer satisfaction. Interaction with the insurer is simpler, they can self-service and their all-round experience is better whilst also helping expedite their claim faster and more securely.

Electronic capture reduces time and cost

For one leading motor insurer that wanted to migrate its clunky file transfer workflow to handle multiple media file types captured on claimants’ smartphones, dashcams or CCTV, Eviid provided customer service agents with a link to send a claimant where that footage could be uploaded. The system securely and quickly ingests media into the enterprise claims management system, including complex videos – with compression to maximise storage and keep costs to a minimum. The results were a 95% reduction in claim timeframes, and a 98% reduction in time taken to receive media. Return on investment was realised in the first week.

Motor claims companies

Providers of end-to-end motor claims solutions typically handling many hundreds of thousands of claims annually across commercial fleets, insurers, brokers, vehicle manufacturers and intermediaries can also make huge gains. Creating efficiencies, controlling costs, and innovating bespoke services whilst providing superior customer service helps their competitiveness. These organisations look to consolidate the claims cycle to improve policy experiences and manage costs. Using Eviid to ingest dashcam, CCTV and policyholder photos, along with fully integrating it with any back-office system, the solution can provide a more seamless claims process for all.

Third parties

Capture also goes beyond just the claims department too and often involves witnesses or solicitors. Sharing evidence with third parties is often fraught with delays but having the ability to provide a way to capture witness information in the hub via forms, video, photos and other media, and provide ease of access to those third parties who need it is more efficient. Solicitors for both sides can view the information and a record be kept of who has viewed what and when, making the whole process evidential too.

If you want to speed up your FNoL process and make it much more efficient and user friendly for both claimants and third parties, then Eviid can help you start as you mean to go on – setting the whole claims process up the right way from the beginning.

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