Empowering utilities

Efficiently manage maintenance and repairs

Whether it’s reinstatements, inspections, emergencies or reporting damage – whatever the job, empower your teams with evidence-backed audit trails.

With Eviid you can streamline your maintenance and repair schedules, provide work updates and statuses, log and record completed tasks and update schedules in real-time.

Seamless workflow optimisation

Field data collection

  • Streamline processes – from infrastructure maintenance to emergency repairs.
  • Capture digital media in over 40 formats for precise documentation.
  • Record equipment conditions, and work procedures, and document unexpected challenges.
Reliable audit trails
  • Provide peace of mind with a meticulous chain of custody for all captured media.
  • Empower teams with a reliable audit trail during disputes or discrepancies.
  • Simplify dispute resolution and validate completed work.
Accountability through streamlined workflow
  • Drive efficiency and accountability across the organisation.
  • Reduce turnaround times and enhance transparency.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with evidential workflow.
  • Confidently address variations and document job completions.
Peace of mind
  • Empower teams with evidence-backed quality and confidence.
  • Use real-time data and media for informed decision-making.
  • Optimise resource allocation and streamline operations.
  • Proactively address issues to prevent escalation.

Case Studies

Valuable business resources from industry leaders

Kevin Oliver, Davies Group

Why did Davies Group replace their clunky onsite process by integrating Eviid into their current system?

Roger Bulkeley, Independent Group

How did Eviid transform Independent Group’s operations in terms of their offerings and propositions?

Fraser Clark, Prism Network

What attracted Prism Group to adopt Eviid for on-site visual assessments?


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Eviid provides a way to capture, validate and transform enterprise processes through the compliant handling of videos, audio, photos, and documents.

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