Property Management

Efficient property management

Unlock the full potential of evidence-backed audits

Eviid delivers accountable audit trails for property inspections, maintenance, emergencies, and tenant communications.

Ensure accurate documentation of property management to stay ahead of property conditions, repairs, and communication needs.

Seamless processes that keep costs down

Make inspections and maintenance simple with Eviid’s intuitive platform

  • Capture video evidence of property inspections before and after tenancy changes.
  • Photograph maintenance issues such as leaks and faults for accurate documentation.
  • Fill out digital forms to record tenant complaints or repair requests
  • Capture property data including GPS information during on-site inspections for comprehensive records.
Trustworthy documentation every step of the way
  • Establish a full chain of custody for all captured media from lease agreements to maintenance records.
  • Flag anomalies in property documentation to prevent tampering and maintain data integrity.
  • Verify metadata within media files to ensure authenticity, providing evidence in disputes or legal proceedings.
  • Comply with GDPR regulations when handling sensitive tenant information to protect privacy.
Efficiency redefined for landlords and tenants
  • Digitise lease agreements and tenant communications to streamline operations and reduce admin.
  • Customise the solution with white-label branding for property management firms.
  • Provide increased self-service capabilities for tenants to access resources online and submit requests.
  • Enhance collaboration with live-calling links, facilitating real-time communication between landlords and tenants.
Reduce costs and enhance tenant satisfaction
  • Store property documentation evidentially, ensuring accuracy and reliability for stakeholders.
  • Integrate Eviid into CSR initiatives by promoting transparency and accountability in property management practices.
  • Reduce friction throughout the property management process, from lease signing to maintenance requests.
  • Enhance tenant satisfaction by providing transparent, efficient property management services whilst reducing costs.

Case Studies

Valuable business resources from industry leaders

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Roger Bulkeley, Independent Group

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Fraser Clark, Prism Network

What attracted Prism Group to adopt Eviid for on-site visual assessments?


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