Ensure source authenticity and reliability

Unanimity for stakeholders

Eviid delivers the capability to authenticate and scrutinise your information sources quickly and efficiently.

In today’s world, media organisations need to ensure published material has not been tampered with.

From fake news to AI-generated media, misinformation poses a significant risk to impartial and truthful media outlets.

What to expect

Trust your source

  • Capture video footage, audio recordings and images at the source.
  • Comprehensively document all media assets to allow accurate reporting.
  • Secure footage on location whilst offline.
Credible and trustworthy
  • Eviid’s chain of custody ensures the authenticity and integrity of media assets.
  • Provide a reliable audit trail for all captured media including version control.
  • Enhance credibility and trustworthiness in news reporting.
  • Facilitate a smoother fact-checking process.
Ease of publication
  • Streamline the organisation and management of media content.
  • Reduce turnaround time and meet deadlines faster.
  • Make more informed editorial decisions.
  • Optimise your resource allocation.
  • Address content-related issues before publication.
Compelling news coverage
  • Empower teams with evidence-backed clarity and confidence.
  • Enhance transparency of source and collaboration.
  • Improve audience engagement and satisfaction.
  • Deliver compelling and credible news coverage.

Case Studies

Valuable business resources from industry leaders

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Roger Bulkeley, Independent Group

How did Eviid transform Independent Group’s operations in terms of their offerings and propositions?

Fraser Clark, Prism Network

What attracted Prism Group to adopt Eviid for on-site visual assessments?


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Eviid provides a way to capture, validate and transform enterprise processes through the compliant handling of videos, audio, photos, and documents.

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