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Transforming evidence management

Secure, organise and validate digital evidence

Eviid empowers legal teams to manage and organise large volumes of documents, videos, media files and other evidence in a secure, efficient chain of custody.

The solution works seamlessly to integrate with your existing processes and workflows reducing your case workload and supporting the e-discovery process by evidentially securing data and files.

Effortless document management and collaboration

Document with ease

Effortlessly capture and organise large volumes of legal documents and media files (video, photo, audio, documents) and integrate them into your case workflows instantly. Share securely with your teams for better collaboration and productivity.

Tamperproof evidence

Rest easy knowing your evidence is trustworthy. You have a full chain of custody and monitoring for any views, or alterations to files, ensuring authenticity and integrity every step of the way.

Collaborate on cases

Streamline your workflows, reduce errors or tampering, and delight third parties and clients with a reliable end-to-end solution tailored for each case.

Peace of mind

Make informed decisions confidently with sound and compliant information and navigate regulatory complexities seamlessly ensuring compliance at every stage. Total peace of mind for you and your teams.

Case Studies

Valuable business resources from industry leaders

Kevin Oliver, Davies Group

Why did Davies Group replace their clunky onsite process by integrating Eviid into their current system?

Roger Bulkeley, Independent Group

How did Eviid transform Independent Group’s operations in terms of their offerings and propositions?

Fraser Clark, Prism Network

What attracted Prism Group to adopt Eviid for on-site visual assessments?


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Eviid provides a way to capture, validate and transform enterprise processes through the compliant handling of videos, audio, photos, and documents.

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