Delivering faster, more efficient claims management

Reduce cost per claim and delight customers

Eviid works with you to speed up the claims management process, reduce fraud, lower your cost per claim, and transform your customer services.

Our evidential solutions are designed to support you, your team and your customers at all stages of the claims process. See what your customer sees, share tamperproof information instantly and drive efficiencies.

Accountability in Claims Management

Capture any media, anywhere

  • Streamline claims handling processes, from FNOL to resolution.
  • Enable offline capture by field agents, ensuring data can be captured in any environment.
  • Record details of incidents, damage assessments, and claimant statements to build comprehensive case files.
  • Live calling function for direct communication with customers or witnesses.
Trust the source, verify the event
  • Metadata is verified within captured files including time, place, device and GPS.
  • Trust the source of information with evidence-backed data verified for authenticity.
  • Reduce fraud and associated costs by detecting anomalies earlier – information has a full chain of custody.
Transparency of processes
  • Establish liability efficiently based on evidence.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction with self-service capabilities and transparent communication.
  • Integrate Eviid into existing enterprise systems for enhanced efficiency and transparency.
Accountability across the organisation
  • Empower insurance teams with evidence-backed quality and confidence in claims handling and investigations.
  • Use real-time data and media for informed decision-making, enabling proactive risk management and mitigation strategies.
  • Optimise resource allocation and streamline operations, reducing cost per claim.

Case Studies

Valuable business resources from industry leaders

Kevin Oliver, Davies Group

Why did Davies Group replace their clunky onsite process by integrating Eviid into their current system?

Roger Bulkeley, Independent Group

How did Eviid transform Independent Group’s operations in terms of their offerings and propositions?

Fraser Clark, Prism Network

What attracted Prism Group to adopt Eviid for on-site visual assessments?


Let’s work on your project together

Eviid provides a way to capture, evidence, transform and manage enterprise processes through the compliant handling of videos, audio, photos, and documents.

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