FRISS Partners With Eviid To Help Prevent Insurance Fraud By Authorizing Digital Media

21 May 2020

FRISS and eviid partner to help P&C insurers increase the number of avoided claims and detect manipulations in digital footage in real time.

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NFU Mutual increases use of remote, self-reporting video technology to help mitigate impact of lockdown and speed up customer claims

18 May 2020

Eviid’s secure video capture system playing ‘crucial role’ in supporting insurance and claims industry during covid-19

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Supporting your business today, and futureproofing it for tomorrow

07 May 2020

Discover how eviid’s evidential, certified and secure video technology is helping insurance and claims professionals during the covid-19 lockdown and beyond

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How eviid’s evidential, certified and secure video technology is helping legal and investigative professionals minimise business disruption during lockdown

24 April 2020

The impact of the covid-19 lockdown, and the enforcement of strict social distancing, means the investigative and legal sectors are urgently seeking smart, tech-based and secure solutions to help ensure business continuity while minimising personal contact.

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17/04/20 – How can we help? 6 Key Points.

1. Become more efficient faster

eviid’s power is in its simplicity. The ease of use of our products means it’s quick to implement: your people can use it intuitively, so everyone can use it everywhere, all the time – every time. The speed and ease with which people can capture, validate and share evidence in the field is proven to accelerate on-site assessments, shorten case lifecycles, and reduce case management costs. Giving you a critical edge over competitors, improving customer satisfaction and boosting your balance sheet.

2. Faster returns with fewer risks

Trialling and implementing eviid is a low-cost, low-risk investment. This allows you to ‘fail fast’, evaluate quickly and minimise the risks of putting a new system in place. And because eviid technology uses uses existing infrastructure, you can roll it out quickly and cost-effectively – with no disruption – for proven rapid ROI.

3. Increase your capabilities and gain real business advantage

eviid’s ability to super-compress video means there are no restrictions on where your people can capture, validate and share information in multiple formats. So your evidence gathering process remains fast and efficient – wherever your business takes you. But more compression doesn’t only mean faster sharing and easier storage. eviid’s patented technology enables you to do more work in more places and gain more insight than ever before – giving you a major boost to your capabilities.

4. Greater clarity in your decision-making

eviid’s patented video compression technology means you can capture and share more information more thoroughly. The ability to gather on-site evidence in greater details enables you to make more accurate, better-informed decisions more quickly. Which delivers better outcomes for your business, greater satisfaction for your customers – and improves your reputation for high quality performance.

5. Absolute compliance: absolute protection

Information security is in our DNA. Not only is our patented technology GDPR and NHS compliant as a matter of course, all data transactions are verifiable, with an audit trail of all activities. More importantly, where others might protect your data in transit, only eviid is able to offer video encryption ‘at-rest’ on hard drives, laptops, flash drives, or archived. Which means when you choose eviid, your reputation is absolutely secure too.

6. Transformative, not disruptive

eviid’s plug & play SAAS solution will transform the way you gather, share, assess and use media across your workflow. Our suite of products works out of the box on multiple devices for hassle-free implementation and cost-effective ongoing management. Plus – the ability to deploy quickly across your existing infrastructure allows you to react to changing demands and flex its use into other business areas with zero disruption.

16/04/20 – DASA Transform field-based operations using Video Technology

“Technology turns videos and photos – captured on a smart device – into reliable evidence that is suitable for use in claims. Technology also facilitates live, secure and recorded video calls between field and base, as well as integrating advanced workflow and reporting features. This enables us to in many cases make a decision on the claim on our first visit.”

Read below to see how DASA Ltd are using eviid to make remote decisions, both prior to & during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Technology preparation is key through a crisis

14/04/20 – I Love Claims, Industry Leader Interview with eviid CEO John Ridd 

What’s the biggest challenge (Coronavirus related) facing your sector of the industry? 

The insurance sector is experiencing an unprecedented drop-off in claims, especially in high-volume categories such as motor and property.

But the need for social distancing means that loss adjusters and claim handlers are now facing a double-whammy; a reduction in instructions combined with not being able to properly assess those priority cases which are being currently progressed or are urgent.

Another challenge is the need to begin accurately capturing now those images, video and documentation which will form the basis of non-urgent claims that will inevitably come down the track post-shutdown

A  growing claims backlog could be further exacerbated by the government’s ‘stay at home’ instructions. This will put great pressure on the infrastructure of many households, and we anticipate that the volume of domestic claims will start to rise as a result.

We also believe that the civic upheaval caused by the pandemic will trigger a surge in fraudulent activity.

Having verified media captured through a system like eviid will help to combat that, but it will still put a great strain on already depleted resources to effectively manage claims.

How are you and your business dealing with this? 

As the supplier of evidential-quality, remote video solutions specifically for the insurance industry, these and other covid-19 related issues have had a massive impact on our day-to-day business.

In response, we have massively ramped-up our technical support and training provision to ensure our smartphone and desktop technology can be deployed as rapidly as possible.

For example, in last two weeks alone we have trained over 500 claims handlers, loss adjusters and other insurance personnel, many of who were new to our platform.

We have also scaled-up our customer service teams to help process the uplift in enquiries. We’re also streamlining our set-up processes to help get clients fully-operational as fast as we can.

Further, all our staff – both technical and administrative – are now homeworking, thus minimising social contact. This  will reduce the risk of infection among our people, which in turn will help us meet the quick turnaround targets we have set ourselves.

The fact we are incredibly busy also demonstrates that even if physical contact or on-site visits are not currently possible, the claims industry is looking for practical solutions to help overcome these challenges.

What is the most important piece of leadership advice you can offer?

Ensure you maintain regular communications with all of your staff, clients and industry partners and keep the message clear and simple.

Adopt an flexible and transparent approach to your business, and demonstrate that you are an agile leader responding positively to a difficult situation. But don’t act rashly, and remember that whatever you do needs to always be ethical, responsible and compliant.

Finally, find ways to highlight your leadership qualities beyond what you say on video conference calls or in a group email. Insightful blog posts, white papers, commenting on LinkedIn industry feeds  and other thought leadership opportunities can help build confidence in you as an individual both within your business and across the wider sector.

What are your top tips for home-working productivity?

Try and create a daily routine which has some symbolic elements of a normal working day in order to create some ‘psychological boundaries’ between your work and home life. Everyone is different, so find what works for you, and stick with it.

If you’re using video calling for virtual staff or client meetings make sure you thoroughly review the T&Cs and consider the cyber security implications before you sign-up – or retrospectively – especially if it’s a free service.

Further, while on the call with your team, encourage chat about non-work issues; we are by nature very social creatures and we all benefit from personal as well as professional interaction.

Be considerate to others in your household. Even if they aren’t required to work from home like you are, they are also having to deal with having their world turned upside down. By reducing the need for domestic fire-fighting you’ll be able to stay more focused on your work in the long run.

Finally, remember how lucky you are – in terms of comfort and safety – compared with a vast majority of the world’s population at this exceptionally challenging time. Use that thought to stay positive, motivated and productive.

What would be your overriding message to the industry right now?

Like many other behind-the-scenes commercial services, the claims sector’s role in helping businesses ‘keep the lights on’ during this incredibly difficult period will continue to  be largely under the radar. We have to accept that, and just get on with the job.

We also have to steel ourselves; not only for the immediate impact which covid-19 will have on our own companies, our staff, our industry partners and our customers but also on the longer-term implications for the entire insurance industry – financially, operationally and culturally.

Behaviours will change permanently, and elements of the much touted ‘new normal’ will become just that: normal. Therefore flexibility, agility and a responsive approach to change will be as crucial in 12 months’ time as it is right now.

For example, in our specific sector, the growing use of video-calling, digital self-reporting, remote interviewing and virtual evidence gathering will inevitably mean an increase in competition for eviid as well as new opportunities for us.

Of course, none of us has a crystal ball about what the future may hold, but we have to accept when we come through this later this year society, and the global economy, will be very different.

Business may never get back to being ‘as usual’, so with that in mind take this opportunity to undertake some post-pandemic horizon scanning.

Think about what technology, staffing arrangements, corporate culture and skillset you think you will need to get through the recovery period, and what – with hindsight – you wish you’d had in place before the outbreak.

In addition, consider how you can future-proof your business to help protect against such an episode should recur in the short, medium and or long-term.

Can you trust what you’re seeing? – by eviid CEO, John Ridd at FRAUDtalks 2019

18 February 2020

How can you be certain that what you’re seeing in an image or video submitted as part of an insurance claim or video is accurate?

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02/04/20 – A message to all Eviid users regarding the government shutdown, social distancing and our secure, self-reporting technology

Since the call from government for people to stay at home unless absolutely necessary, Eviid has been working hard to ensure our encrypted, GDPR-compliant and shareable self-reporting video software continues to provide all our customers with a reliable, flexible solution to the issue of reduced/zero social contact, protecting their staff, and helping them to ensure business continuity.

In particular, we are focusing on supporting those clients who – despite the immense challenges of social distancing – have an ongoing requirement to:

  • Record and share tamper-proof, audited and highly secure face-to-face video interviews with minimal/zero personal contact which is evidentially robust (such as the legal profession)
  • Remotely asses the internal and external condition of commercial and residential properties, public realm, private estates and other key infrastructure (such as surveyors, FM managers, risk assessors, security consultants, property developers and repair teams)
  • Investigate and manage insurance claims – including home, building, commercial property, automotive and travel – either via an Electronic Notification of Loss (ENOL) process or face to face (such as insurance brokers, claims handlers and loss adjusters)
  • Have ‘virtual access’ to people’s homes to ensure their living environment is safe, secure and well-maintained (such as large-scale private landlords, Housing Associations, utility companies, local authorities and other public service providers)

For non-Eviid users who are not yet familiar with our technology please see below some ‘fast facts’ which highlight how our range of smartphone apps allow you, your staff and your customers to quickly record, upload and share important, sensitive or mission critical digitally-captured content.

If these doesn’t answer all of your questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone (0333 800 3888) or via email ( and one of the Eviid team will be happy to help.

Thank You.


What is Eviid’s technology?

Put simply, it’s a suite of white-labelled smartphone apps & browser-based technology which can capture, validate and store high-quality compressed video (and other digital media) in an encrypted, cloud-based hub in which you have complete control.

Further, all content captured and processed through the Eviid system is evidentially robust, GDPR-compliant, tamper-proof, fully audited, digitally-watermarked and traceable.

This means every piece of content – from capture and upload to analysis and sharing – is subject to rigorous and secure ‘chain of custody’ protocols

How can this help me during the covid-19 shutdown?

Social distancing requires minimal/zero close contact with non-family members and yet many organisations still require a degree of ‘face-to-face’ engagement to fulfil their legal, operational or duty of care obligations.

By empowering people who are currently social distancing to confidently and accurately ‘self-report’ ­via a secure and fully-audited video capture system like Eviid, you can instantly view, assess and respond to their situation without needing physical contact.

Who is it for?

Our field-proven technology, which has been used widely by insurance and property sectors for many years now, is currently proving invaluable to a wide range of other industries at this time.

From lawyers to local authorities, loss adjusters to social landlords, Eviid’s self-reporting video solution can enable many types of organisation to undertake their day-to-day work in spite of the limitations and barriers created by the need for mass social distancing.

How long does it take to set-up?

As you can appreciate, we have recently seen a sharp increase in demand for our patented technology, but we anticipate setting up all new customers with a secure content hub, branded customer app, and all other elements of our service, within 10-14 days.

Why don’t I just use a free app to capture and share film, images and documents?

For social media use, day-to-day home working and the exchange of non-sensitive material there is are a wide range of free apps, shareware, web-based drives and other options to choose from.

But if what you stream, film, photograph, record or write needs to be:

  • Captured, transferred and stored securely in a cloud-based encrypted digital library
  • 100% tamper-proof and digitally watermarked
  • GDPR-compliant and evidentially credible
  • Only shareable with authorised colleagues and third parties
  • Subject to strict ‘chain of custody’ protocols at every stage of the process

Then our robust, reliable ‘plug-and-play’ technology gives you the peace of mind you need to keep your people and customers safe and your business on track.

What does it cost?

We work with each individual customer to find a pricing package which meets specific commercial needs, and the anticipated volume of content set to be captured and uploaded over a given period of time.

Contact us today (with no obligation) to discuss what technology package and pricing plan is right for you via phone (0333 800 3888) or via email (

Where can I find out more ?

More detailed information on our full range of self-reporting and on-site video capture technologies can be found by clicking on the button below.

COVID-19; A message from John Ridd, CEO

19 March 2020

We are all adapting to a quickly evolving, at times dramatic, situation this week.
At eviid, we’ve moved entirely to remote working to protect both our own people and our customers and contacts. We are well set up for this and available as usual.
For other businesses, including yours, this quick shift to a new way of working may not be quite as easy…

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