John Ridd CEO

‘How evidential video is transforming insurance claims’ by John Ridd, CEO

12th October 2018

‘Transformational’ is a bold claim to make for technology, but there is a growing body of proof to show that evidential video capture is proving to be just that for the insurance market.

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cognizant eviid

Cognizant analysis puts video at the heart of claims management revolution

17th August 2018

In a newly published whitepaper, global IT systems house and tech analyst Cognizant looks at the transformational potential of digital and mobile technology in insurance and claims management – with a special focus on the instant power of video applications (and eviid!). Will we soon adjust a property claim in a day?

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Amey case study

Amey sees more with eviid

5th October 2017

Amey, a leading supplier of consulting and infrastructure support services, uses eviid’s smartphone video technology to give its Yorkshire Water team a fast and reliable way of recording jobs on site. A video-enabled team out on site can make decisions faster and capture definitive, evidence-quality reports without hassle.

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independent inspections

Independent Inspections shortens claims lifecycles with eviid

5th October 2017

Independent Inspections, a UK-based provider of assessment and restoration services to the insurance industry, has video-enabled its inspectors and fitters using eviid’s patented smartphone technology. The result: end-to-end visibility of each claim, much shorter claims life cycles, greater transparency, full audit trails, compelling evidence in disputes.

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