eviid in MIM: Using Video in Insurance 2020

31st March 2020

From high-speed claims to social distancing. Our CEO John Ridd talks about video and insurance in 2020, in the latest edition of Modern Insurance Magazine.

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COVID-19; A message from John Ridd, CEO

19th March 2020

We are all adapting to a quickly evolving, at times dramatic, situation this week.
At eviid, we’ve moved entirely to remote working to protect both our own people and our customers and contacts. We are well set up for this and available as usual.
For other businesses, including yours, this quick shift to a new way of working may not be quite as easy…

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Scott Bowers: On your marks, get set…

24th February 2020

‘The benefits of this are clear – for insurers, especially those representing the at-fault party, quick resolution and control of costs will be essential to minimise liability and prevent costs from escalating.’

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The race for quick settlement is on following whiplash claims reform

19th February 2020

From April 2020, as part of the Ministry of Justice’s (MoJ) whiplash claims reform programme, claims of up to £5,000 will be dealt with via a separate small claims portal. As part of this change legal costs will no longer be recoverable as part of the insurance pay-out.

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Can you trust what you’re seeing? – by eviid CEO, John Ridd at FRAUDtalks 2019

18th February 2020

How can you be certain that what you’re seeing in an image or video submitted as part of an insurance claim or video is accurate?

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eviid helps insurers cope with winter motor claims surge

20th December 2019

In 2018, UK motor insurance claims amounted to over £7bn in payments to claimants. We also know that times of adverse and unsettled weather, particularly in winter, brings with it surges in claims for motor insurers.

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DASA takes video technology underground – to find leaks faster and speed up claims

22nd November 2019

National drainage and water inspection and repairs specialist DASA have brought innovative evidential video technology from eviid on board to transform its underground services.

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ISS takes on video technology to help reduce claims cycle and enhance the customer journey

19th November 2019

Nationwide claims resolution specialist ISS Restoration has brought in innovative video technology from eviid to reduce claims cycle whilst enhancing the customer journey.

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