Amey deploys eviid to support Yorkshire Water team

smartphone video helps teams create job reports faster and make better decisions

Amey, a leading supplier of consulting and infrastructure support services, uses eviid’s smartphone video technology to give its Yorkshire Water team a fast and reliable way of recording jobs on site.

Project staff now use the eviid app on their smartphones and tablets to video record job progress, snag resolution and project completion as definitive, evidence-grade reports. They can also easily ‘patch in’ experts via live video call to make faster, better decisions without delay or additional travel.

With eviid’s unique compression technique, video is uploaded at up to 20 times the speed of a normal video file. Stored securely and centrally, Amey can revisit it at any time.

As part of the process, the system automatically applies a patented, tamper-evident wrapper of meta data to each file, making videos both court- and dispute-proof, as well as streamlining file management (because key data like time, location, project number are embedded in the file – no manual adding of meta data!).

Full video reports produced via eviid are now replacing photos and paperwork at Amey, avoiding time-consuming form filling, photography and uploading. Because eviid also supports live and recorded video conferences, there’s little need for back office staff to make time-consuming extra visits to site. This speeds up decision-making and overall project progress while reducing operational costs.

"Amey is always looking at new innovative solutions to help us do our job better and is leading the way in the utilities sector with this eviid solution. It not only helps to make the work that we do safer, but keeps our employees better informed and better supported even at the remotest of sites. The technology allows them to gain immediate support from their colleagues through instant video upload and by using the conferencing facility to get advice.” - Adam Stephenson, Innovation Business Manager at Amey