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streamed and recorded video in evidential quality

eviid is the patented technology driving secure evidential video applications in demanding, risk-conscious sectors. eviid automatically turns videos and photos captured on a smart device into reliable evidence that is suitable for use in court, claims, compliance and complaints. The technology also enables live, secure and recorded video calls between field and base, as well as integrating advanced workflow and reporting features.

The origins

Based in London and Liverpool, the team behind eviid started out as a group of tech experts, academics and coders – with an idea for mobile video technology that could be a game-changer in a broad range of sectors. Demanding, compliance-conscious and security-sensitive, the insurance sector was among the earliest adopters of eviid software, shaping and accelerating its development.

Today, eviid’s patented technology underpins evidential video applications for some of the biggest names in insurance, FM, security and infrastructure – in the UK and internationally (in Europe, the US, Australia and India). eviid can be deployed rapidly and integrates seamlessly into existing systems. It provides an agnostic media hub for multi-party access and runs on standard smartphones.

A catalyst for transformation

Going way beyond simple video integration, eviid has evolved into a transformative workflow tool that allows field workers to fill in digital forms on site, accept digital signatures, make cost calculations – and then send it all back to base on the spot, in a neat, secure and tamper-evident package.

As a result, job lifecycles are shortened, visual evidence is bullet-proofed, customer satisfaction is improved and significant manpower is freed up to do more.

Tamper-evident video – a foundation for more

eviid is also suited to a host of consumer applications. Where evidential quality or data confidentiality are essential, apps using eviid technology offer unique protection against fraud, evidence tampering and data misuse.

eviid as a foundation technology has huge potential for any application where tamper-evident, verifiable authenticity of footage is of importance: witness evidence, civil rights, citizen journalism are just a few examples.

We’re proud to have developed a completely unique technology that solves and pre-empts some of today’s biggest headaches – both in businesses and in our everyday lives. – John Ridd, CEO

securely in the cloud

sometimes, share-ability isn’t a good thing

Our clients store vast amounts of business-critical, often sensitive media files on the eviid platform. And while the cloud certainly speeds up access and transfer times, it’s eviid’s ability to contain data, that makes the system so attractive for corporate users.

Throughout a media file’s journey, eviid minimizes the risk of data being shared when it shouldn’t be. From locking files into the eviid smartphone app ahead of a swift upload-and-delete, through to closely monitored, secure facilities for sharing with third parties – eviid makes sure sensitive information captured in a video or image cannot be shared casually.


Number of media files recorded through and currently stored on eviid

SOURCE: eviid usage data

how to turn video into evidence

a quick look at the interplay of technologies that makes eviid unique

The very core of eviid is a patented evidential technology that, as digital video, audio or images are captured, applies a tamper-evident ‘wrapper’ to each frame like a watermark. This wrapper includes contextual data such as time, GPS location or SIM card information in a special way, making it impossible to alter footage or metadata without leaving a trace.

We currently offer this core technology in a flexible set-up comprising smartphone apps and a back-end system, which together constitute a secure, controlled environment. Within this environment, users can carry out live and recorded video streams from a mobile device or simply record audio and video for upload.

Once a piece of footage has been recorded, it is then compressed at least 15-fold and uploaded into the cloud instantly or as soon as there is sufficient mobile signal. Our unique compression technology has been designed to work well in low-bandwidth environments and is complemented by the ‘video record and forward’ feature, which queues the video for sending and automatically does so as signal becomes available.

The data is neither stored on the device for longer than necessary, nor is it accessible from outside the eviid app (via the device’s photo gallery, for example). Where previously a user would have sent potentially sensitive information from their mobile by e-mail or uploaded it to a third-party server, it is now contained within a managed environment, circumventing any security, data protection and compliance issues.

In addition to this system set-up, we have developed a range of features and add-ons that ensure easy integration of video into existing workflows and with third-party devices, as well as efficient and compliant handling of footage in B2B environments. These include advanced access management and controls, comprehensive bookmarking, annotation and search features, as well as built-in customisable forms and templates.

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