Unlocking the Power of Evidence for Enterprises

Unlocking the Power of Evidence for Enterprises

Enhance enterprise integrity through trustworthy media handling

Eviid streamlines the capture, validation, transformation and management of digital media. With Eviid, expect increased efficiency of business processes, time savings and prevention of fraudulent activity.

Used by risk-conscious industries, Eviid stores and assures the compliance of photos, videos, audio and documentation.


Capture digital media (video, audio, photo, documents), in any format and incorporate it into enterprise workflow processes. Store and share with teams instantly and remotely.


Have peace of mind that media is trustworthy via a full chain of custody. It’s easy to monitor what has been seen, by who, when, and any alterations to the original media files.


Provide reliable, end-to-end frictionless evidential workflow for employees and third parties. Reduce fraud, lower costs, speed up your processes and delight partners and customers.


Make more informed decisions with total clarity and confidence that information is sound and compliant.

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Online and offline

Capture and transmit secure, evidential quality photos, videos and documents, wherever you are.

Bandwidth optimisation often poses challenges, especially in remote locations. You can trust Eviid to process your media across online & offline modes, any time.

With Eviid’s market leading compression technology, the media you need is more accessible than ever before.



“Eviid simplified our process, integrating seamlessly into our database, replacing several products with just one.”

Kevin Oliver, Davies Group

“Eviid gives us an edge, allowing us to view footage to determine if a claim can be settled pretty much instantly.”

Roger Bulkeley, Independent Group

“Eviid allows for a quicker, slicker and more secure process of getting media in, allowing for an intake of a wide range of media.”

James Oram, NFUM

“Bringing in Eviid, we can collaborate with customers and clients on one screen, offering customers control and inclusivity.”

Andre Greatorex, DASA